Soon Wiesbaden Photo Days / Wiesbedener Fototage 17.8-1.9.2019. I´m happy exhibit my works at Frauen Museum Wiesbaden


4-19 May 2019 Head On Photo Festival, Sydney, Australia

My series “Trace” is curated to the Head On Photo Festival in Sydney in Australia.


The 3rd Beijing Photo Biennial - Confusing Public and Private

organized by CAFA Art Museum

My series Just Small Hiccups exhibited in The 3rd Beijing Photo Biennial


Athens Photo festival 2018, Main Exhibitions - Sheltering the self

Until 29 July • Benaki Museum / Pireos 138

My series Trace exhibited in Athens Photo Festival 2018


Europe Now Journal: Personal Space

New Nordic Voices.

“Personal Space” is a photography series showcasing the works of three emerging Finnish artists. Layering archival materials and staged photographs in stunning hues of blue, Anni Hanén aims to expose traces of memory. Kimmo Metsäranta turns to urban spaces in his native city of Helsinki, isolating buildings from their original surroundings in order to make them “momumental-like attractions.” Also inspired by his environment, Jaakko Kahilaniemi utilizes photography to explore the hundred hectares of forest that he inherited in 1997, applying an alchemical process to make “art out of the familiar.”

–Kayla Maiuri for EuropeNow


Best of LensCulture, vol 2

My series Trace in the book Best of LensCulture, vol 2


C-type magazine: Just Small Hiccups

Interview and by Akkara Naktamna


C 41 magazine: The Memories of a life content in a house, the story by Anni Hanén


What will you remember - Our favorite photography books of 2016!

Anni Hanén - Just Small Hiccups

Anni Hanén’s photographs are like whispered odes to her son’s childhood and to her own motherhood. Her muted images broaden to the natural forests she describes as a “castle” which envelops the physical and psychological interiors that she, her ancestors and extended family have called home. This book is a gem.