Copy of Takamaa Collective


Takamaa Collective, Joki, 2018, Tytyri Mine, Lohja Art Museum

Joki is an abstract artwork, which is mixing different arts: sculpture, audio and video. Materials are recycled, which is long-lasting and environmental friendly. The name of Joki, meaning river in Finnish, stems from Finnish nature and flowing water, which is a strong element of nature.

Joki symbolising human mind - it drives, flowing between ground water and surface water like thoughts moving between consciousness and subconsciousness. It’s goal is to enlighten its viewers, to clear their minds. It is a Human experience: it doesn’t look at anyone's background or doesn’t care how one views the world, culture or life. It also makes the viewers feel peaceful and relaxed.


Takamaa Collective

Takamaa Collective was formed in spring 2017 by sculptor and environmental artist Jenni Tieaho, visual artist and photographer Anni Hanén and musician-composer Johanna Pitkänen. In their collaborative projects sculptures, images and music all weave their unique parts into the shared story.



Jenni Tieaho

Jenni Tieaho has been working as a sculptor and environmental artist for 18 years. Her works have been displayed in numerous galleries and museums. Tieaho thinks of organic materials as a "nationality" to which she belongs. "I weave and knit like a spider" is her way of describing her time-consuming and skill requiring way of working.


Anni Hanén

Anni Hanén is a visual artist and photographer whose works have been shown both in Finland and abroad, in private exhibitions as well as in festivals. In Anni's work, photography represents the power of imagination rather than a way of documenting reality. Her works combine memories and the present, where facts and fiction merge together.


Johanna Pitkänen

Johanna Pitkänen is a pianist and composer. She has been performing in Finland and abroad and has also released two albums with Helsinki-based jazz group Kokko Quartet. Johanna does various cross-artistic collaborations. She's drawn to the mysteriousness in nature and in music. Her working methods combine composition, improvisation and experimenting with different sounds.